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December 4, 2009

Passenger willing to participate?

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 Question by weiyun Sun Nov 29, 2009 on DHBC forum

So then the question is on the other end of the interface. What is the effect of this sophisticated DDDSA on typically “dumb” passengers? Will passengers be willing to dynamically participate in the system and interact, considering there are juniors, seniors, mobility challenged etc?

Answer by SCHILTEC

DDDSA is a computer system and has nothing to do with passengers. Waverail passengers do not what you would normally call interact.

Waverail passengers have to observe one simple rule:
Nearly as simple/stupid as when you are in a lift, the door opems, you follow the ‘rule’: “Step beyond the open door if you want to go to the level at which the lift is right now.”

The implication ‘If you do not want to alight, go to the front’ is not mandatory. A person who does not care, or a person who forgot, or a frail person (frail and elderly are expected to be advised not to walk in Waverail!) will just have a stop at the station (without getting off the car) and then automatically continues with the next wave.

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