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December 4, 2009

Simplify the Waverail principle

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Question by weiyun Nov 29, 2009 on DHBC forum

Beyond the direct users, how can you simplify the message to any potential VC boss/customer to effectively sell the concept, without them getting into a brain jam trying to understand the concept?

Answer by SCHILTEC

We try as good as we can but it seems never good enough.


  1. Just a question, and BTW it is good to see Australian companies working towards a solution to the transport crisis. Congratulations! My company also has solutions to the needs of a sustainable transport network. Our solutions are designed to be constructed and deconstructed “At Will” They can then be reconfigured, or reused on another location.

    If your Waverail solution has answers to passenger volumes and what times they are required that would be interesting and valuable solution.

    We are in a 3 dimensional world and its time that we looked at our overall environment, safety must be crucial to any system. Unfortunately for proponents of light rail I have just one question to ask. What will you say to the family who loses one of theirs on the light rail system? It is statistically proven to be at 3.49 deaths per 1,000,000km?

    Stronger, Lighter, Safer, Faster. See How We Did It.

    Comment by Michael McBride — December 18, 2009 @ 1:48 am

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