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December 4, 2009

Options of ROUTES from Sydney CBD to PARRAMATTA using LIGHT RAIL

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Comment by xyz on Tue, 1 Dec 2009 by email

SO  I may have a few options of ROUTES from Sydney CBD to PARRAMATTA using LIGHT RAIL / BRT ….. that include
street level, and skytrain/tram/electric bus integration solutions. If needed it can include ” mini- carriages”  for low demand areas…. or  twisting roads not suitable for  LONG CARRIAGES


To put a proud 21st century public transport system onto back roads has no appeal; consider:


Public transport is No 1 in priority and must refuse to be side-tracked.  With Waverail Sydney will have a world-class public transport system and this certainly has no place on back roads.  Have you seen a French TGV on a curvy  goat track?


Rail is notoriously bad in bends. Motorcars can do bends better.


Travel time is compromised on back roads and will render even Waverail uncompetitive.  Competitiveness time comparisons are not done on travelling time but on door to door times.


Most passengers stand in Waverail.  It would be an insult to force on passengers the slow, jerky agony of a back road at the same time when motorists sit on the direct main roads.


For various reasons Waverail cars smaller than  ~65passengers are unsuitable .  (This number however need further research)


Waverail makes 21 times better use of real estate than motor traffic (15,000 Passengers/h  against 700 for one typical Sydney road lane).  Thus Waverail increases the capacity of one direction of Parramatta road from currently 2,100 to 16,400 persons/h; or a stunning 680%!  A news blog is being prepared on this subject.


Traffic area from the current main road bus lanes becomes available.

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