Waverail Questions & Answers

December 4, 2009

How does Waverail handle uneven passenger volume along the line, especially when it goes beyond the passenger capacity of one car? At extremes, it may break down the basic waverail principle.

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Question by weiyun  Sun Nov 29, 2009 on DHBC forum 

Interesting system.

Answer by SCHILTEC

Absolutely no brakdown.
In the case of Parramatta to Sydney, in the FAQ‘s it says:

“The full capacity of 1,070 passengers can be released at a station and the same amount can be picked up from a station. This is possible because the 15car wave is only filled to 85%*) and all passengers fit nicely into 14cars (crush load 1,170) and even into 13cars (1,090). There is no need to schedule since the driver will, on advise of the contol software, do this as a routine. Picking up an unexpected 1,070 Passengers is different only insofar as they will of course not fit into a single waiting car. Instead the waiting driver reports the unexpected arrival of 1,070 aspiring passengers which will trigger the release of 13 cars from the next wave.
*) this fill, as a maximum, is enforced by the Crowd Control System (CCS).”

For further info:
All wave splitting is done ‘on the run’ (called Demand Driven Dynamic Split Allocation), i.e. if more passengers want to get off then more cars are split off. So theoretically only a 85% full wave of less than 6 cars can have a (rather remote) ‘problem’ when all passengers want to alight at once. See  FAQ for more detail.


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