Waverail Questions & Answers

December 4, 2009

Does the system satisfy the KISS Principle criteria? Based on personal experiences, the KISS Principle can be the deal breaker in life.

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Question by weiyun Sun Nov 29, 2009 on DHBC forum

Answer by SCHILTEC

Overall we think Waverail is simple (KISS) for passengers. 
a) there is virtually no ‘taking the wrong train’, no stress (for instance for tourists and many people in at Sydney Central) to choose the right platform (any Waverail station has only one line, see Video Networks). All that can go wrong is that you go south instead of north. (Remember there is never more than one line on a Waverail track, and only one line in Central, see Video on Networks)
b) Yes, walking in train is less simple than in a conventional train; but with single line Waverail you can stay seated too, it just takes you a bit longer. I see the walking issue as an expression of ‘I am in control where I am going, not the driver’, and thus a positive, a new lifestyle. With a network it is a bit more complicated but by then people will know all the ins and outs.
c) How will the behavioural dynamics be? Who knows? From observing we expect an Australian Waverail to have lots of passengers in the front, some at the back and a distinct empty section in between.

Waverail is intriguing, but so are other new things.

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